About Us

Oh hey there!

So here's our story,
if you're like us, you love comfortable clothing and the North! At In The North we are proudly designing and creating comfortable northern inspired apparel and more!
We are Jenn and Kaylyn, the two owners of In The North Co. Living our best lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario. A bestfriend and sister-in-law team taking on the world 1 comfortable clothing piece at a time.
We met in 2011 when Kaylyn started dating Jenn's brother-in-law, and 3 years later became inseparable bestfriends! We worked together for 2 years and both dreamed of bringing our own company to the table, with high quality products, amazing customer service and something we could be proud to sell. After we parted ways from our workplace due to covid19, we decided it was time to bring that dream to life with our creativity, our love for comfortable clothing and the urge to show everyone how incredible the North is.
Where Jenn's love began.
Jenn, growing up on 588 and 590 just minutes away from Kakabeka, where walking to your friend's house was a cardio workout but so worth it getting to see the beautiful scenery along the way! Having spent so much time fishing around the numerous lakes Northern Ontario has to offer, hunting with her beloved dad, her childhood was living that great outdoorsy life we all know comes with living in NWO and loving every minute of it.

Where Kaylyn's love began.
Kaylyn, growing up in the heart of Westfort where your neighbours are your friends and you hung around outside until the street lights came on. Spending countless weekends hiking the trails all over Northern Ontario, swimming in the rivers and lakes, and getting lost on the country roads with her mom made her fall in love with this beautiful place.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.
We hope you follow along this journey with us and keep spreading the love for the North!